Civil Documentation – drafting contracts and assisting clients in enabling transactions and negotiations; mortgage initiation and recording same; estate planning and inheritance procedures.

Real Estate Transactions – facilitating buying, selling, and managing real estate properties, development of real estate projects, updating & recording real estate documents.

Corporations and Partnerships – providing legal assistance in setting up and managing corporations and partnerships; consulting in regulatory compliance matters; advising in mergers, acquisitions, buy-outs, spin-offs, corporate reorganizations, liquidations, dissolving, termination and bankruptcy proceedings.

Labor Law – consulting in managing human resources; advising in hiring, firing, and other disciplinary procedures.

Tax Law – seeking optimum tax planning for Romanian resident clients–or foreign residents–as to income taxes, capital gains taxes, and local property taxes; client representation in dealings with national and local tax authorities; advising foreign investors on incentives available to foreign capital investments in Romania and the applicability of the Convention on Avoidance of Double Taxation.

Banking Law – consulting in banking activities and seeking opportunities in financing transactions, securing financing for investments, debt restructuring and optimization of investment transactions; optimizing procedures for debt collections.

Intellectual Property Rights re: Copyrights, Trademarks and Online Trading – assisting clients in securing trademarks, brand names, and copyrights; consulting as to in-company transfer of various intellectual property rights.

Personal Data Protection – following the proper procedures of notifying the proper competent authority in safeguarding the confidentiality of private information in Romania; consulting in drafting the internal procedures and policy regarding personal data protection,

Consumer Rights – consulting in adhering to the legal requirements of protection of consumer rights.

European Union Law – extensive advice in various areas of applicability of European Union laws.

ECHR – detailed consulting re the applicability of the European Convention on Human Rights and drafting the necessary documentation in pursuing an action in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

International Trade Law – consulting as to the applicable law to proposed foreign trade transactions & detailing of various INCOTERMS; drafting client contracts & assisting in negotiations and the execution of relevant contracts.

Energy & Natural Resource Laws – legal help in implementing foreign investments in energy and natural resource projects; client representation in dealings with regulatory bodies in Romania; legal assistance in various stages of negotiations.

IT Law – legal consulting in this area; drafting and negotiations as to licensing contracts in software, drafting outsourcing contracts (hardware/software), web-hosting contracts; IT projects–designing and development contracts; stressing precision on terms and conditions.

Environmental Law – consulting re: the environmental protection regulations as to waste disposal, traceability, environmental taxes and surcharges exposure.

Transportation Law – consulting in the field; tax and regulatory regime of transnational trade in goods.



Civil - representing clients in real estate litigation, title-recording disputes, inheritance, establishing rights to private property, buy-sell agreements, rental agreements, leasing, intellectual property rights, etc.

Criminal - representing clients both in pre-trial and in court criminal law procedures.

Commercial – representing clients in litigation re agreement’s interpretation, execution, termination; debt collection.

Tax & Administrative Law - representing clients both in pre-trial procedures of contesting administrative and tax acts and in administrative court litigation; further representing clients in adjacent administrative procedures (i.e., scheduling of payment deadlines, reimbursement timetables, etc.).

Labor Law – representing clients in solving their labor law disputes, termination of employment challenges; representing employees in securing their compensation rights, contractual and tort liability of employees or employers, respectively.

Insolvency – representing either debtors or creditors in bankruptcy or reorganization procedures; assisting clients in devising plans to avoid insolvency steps.

Fines & Misdemeanors – drafting complaints, answers, and defenses re: fines & misdemeanors; taking steps in solving such issues.

Family Law – representing clients in divorce actions, division of property, adoption procedures, selection & appointment of guardian or conservator.

Hunting Law – representing Hunting Associations in various procedures of acquiring & managing their hunting patrimonies, and in procedures related to compensation for damages to farm cultivation or traffic accidents caused by various hunting species of animals.

Constitutional Law – representing clients by filing Constitutional Court actions challenging constitutionality of laws.

Tourism Law – client representation in litigation actions against travel agencies.



Client representation in enforcement of judgments actions (final judgments, various contracts) including representation in answering debtors’ motions.


Assistance and direct client representation vis-a-vis administrative bodies:

  • setting up various business entities & setting up administrative compliance systems, keeping adequate minutes of board meetings, updating and recording same;
  • setting up non-profit organizations & updating & recording required documentation;
  • recording of documents in the county recorder’s offices;
  • getting the relevant tax identification number for individuals, and filling out & submitting the required tax statements;
  • drafting various written requests to public administrative bodies and advocating clients’ claims; seeking the granting of work permits in Romania;
  • seeking the granting of residence permits in Romania;
  • drafting of administrative claims & requests and client advocacy in all stages of administrative procedures.


Assistance and client representation in contract formation, execution, and modification; assisting clients in negotiations for out-of-court settlement of contract disputes and other legal actions; and assisting and representing clients in any court transaction.


We specialize in offering due diligence investigations and reports in real estate, mergers, acquisitions and divisions.


We specialize in legal compliance verification procedures and rendering our legal opinion in this area.


We offer training in areas, such as, Product Liability, Contract Negotiations & Drafting, Employers’ Rights & Obligations re: Romania’s Labor Law regime.